Who we are:

Bongers Expeditie B.V., your customs agency.

Bongers Expeditie B.V. has many years of experience as a customs agency for the exporting companies in the EU.

Our team of highly motivated people takes care of all the required forms of customs documentation.

The reason for our growth over the passed few years is our fast service and high service level. Kindness and custom-made solutions are central factors for our services.

What can we offer you:

Taking care of all your customs documentation. All facets within your company require special attention and customs declaration deserves an expert as well.

More than ever the current trend of the customs-houses require a specialist within your company to fulfil exact documentation. We are this specialist for you.

Especially after the extension of the EU, your customs documentation should be in specialist and reliable hands. Throughout the electronic handling for your customs/tax information, extensive knowledge of the exporter is required.

Why do you choose for Bongers Expeditie B.V.:

With our excellent customs declaration system we can take care of customs services electronically all over The Netherlands. We can control all official customs declaration points. The only thing you'll have to supply to us is the right information for us to set up documentation. This can be sent to us by mail and fax.