About Bongers Expedition

Founded in 2001 by Thea Bongers, we have since been active as a customs agent with the entire EU as a working area. A team of competent and motivated colleagues takes care of all forms of customs documentation for you.

Our services are characterized by fast and personal service and are aimed at dealing with specific customs processes for you so that you can focus on the core tasks of your company.

Flexible and reliable

Flexibility, reliability and customer specific service are paramount in our services.

Like all facets of your business operations, your customs matters also deserve an expert. More than ever, the current course of the customs/tax authorities requires a specialist in your company. We are this specialist.
Certainly after the expansion of the EU and Brexit, your customs matters must be in specialist and reliable hands. Due to the electronic processing of your customs/tax data, more and more knowledge is required from the declarant.

One stop shop

The Import / Export possibilities of Bongers Expedition Bongers Expedition B.V. is a “one stop shop” for all your customs declarations: import, export and transit.

Thanks to our AEO Customs status (Authorized Economic Operator) combined with a team of competent and helpful colleagues. Our job is to take care of the customs document processes for your company by processing and entering the necessary export and customs documents and customs clearances.

Do you need customs documents?

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