The documents and processes that we can provide for you include:

The Import / Export possibilities of Bongers Expedition Bongers Expedition B.V. is a “one stop shop” for all your customs declarations: import, export and transit.
Thanks to our AEO Customs status (Authorized Economic Operator) combined with a team of competent and helpful colleagues. Our job is to take care of the customs document processes for your company by processing and entering the necessary export and customs documents and customs clearances.
Export/Import documents from the Netherlands
Import/Export documents EU/Non-EU countries
T1/T2 Customs Documents
All documents and declarations regarding Brexit /UK including Portbase and import into the United Kingdom
PEACH declarations for all your products that need to be inspected on entry into the UK
Clearances linked to the customs declarations

We focus on different markets

Vegetables and fruit
Special projects

Flexible and reliable

By entering into an intensive collaboration with our IT partners AEB and Trouvé, we can digitally process and send your documents quickly, efficiently and securely so that your goods arrive at their destination without delays.
AEB software supports the global trade and logistics processes of companies in the industrial, commercial and services sector. More than 5,500 customers from more than 80 countries use AEB solutions for customs clearance, import and export management, sanction list screening, export control, transportation management and warehouse management.
AEB has more than 550 employees. The software company has its headquarters and data centers in Stuttgart, multiple regional offices in Germany and international offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, France and the United States.

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From our office in Maasdijk, our colleagues can also support you in setting up the right documents, process flows and links to the right IT systems to manage your business processes.

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